VOTE: Which Forgotten Fast Food Item Should Come Back Immediately?

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Zoltán Szücs Contributor
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On November 16, we celebrate the annual National Fast Food Day, a warm-up exercise just six days before we devour our average of 4500 calories on Thanksgiving.

While this day is a great pretext to succumb to the temptation of our favorite junk meal, it also gives us a chance to remember those treats that are no longer with us. After reading our list of discontinued items, you may stop feeling complete and you may want to shout for the reintroduction of some of them to the market. This poll is your chance to tell the world what you want to be brought back immediately.

The history of fast food can be traced back to the first automobiles: when they became affordable and started to spread after World War I, drive-in restaurants began to emerge. We can consider Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson as the pioneers of the process, since they opened the first White Castle restaurant in Wichita, Kansas, in 1916, with a limited menu containing low-budget and high-speed hamburgers.

Since then, fast food became extremely popular in the United States and largely due to American companies, all over the world. But high popularity means new entrants, fierce competition and products that are doomed to oblivion among innovations appearing each day. Here is our list of some famous discontinued items: which of these would you welcome back to American lives?