Detroit Lions Coach’s Outfit In The Snow Might Have You Scratching Your Head

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Detroit Lions coach Matt Patricia made it clear during a recent practice he doesn’t care if it’s snowing or not.

Pardon My Take posted a photo of the former New England Patriots defensive coordinator at practice Thursday in the cold conditions. What do we think he was wearing? Snowpants? Jeans and a heavy jacket? Nope!

He opted for a black sweater and shorts. Yes, in a classic hardo football move, he wore shorts in the middle of a snow storm. Take a look below.


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Look, I grew up in Wisconsin, and I used to see this stuff all the time. It wasn’t out of the ordinary at all to see somebody on a sub-40 degree day in shorts walking around. I wouldn’t do it myself, but it wasn’t uncommon.

However, there’s that next level to take it to. There’s always the bro who feels the need to throw on shorts when it’s a heavy snow and like 10 degrees outside. It’s such a wild move that you almost have no choice, but to respect it. (RELATED: Here Are The Highlights Of Week 10 In The NFL)


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Who cares if he gets pneumonia? This is the NFL, and we have football games to win. You don’t win games by presenting yourself as weak. You do it by making people terrified to even step on the field with you.

Would you want to get on the field with a guy who walks around in the snow in shorts? Hell no. That’s a level of toughness and insanity that you can’t teach. You’re born with it.

I was starting to get down on the Lions, but I’m all the way back in after seeing this photo. Let’s get after it!

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