Is This Wisconsin Badgers Football Team The Most Disappointing Thing In My Life?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It’s time to finally admit this Wisconsin Badgers football team might be the most disappointing thing to ever happen to me.

Now, I know people are going to want to overreact here, and claim that I must have the easiest life imaginable. Obviously worse things have happened in my life. A bad football season isn’t the same as a death in the family. It’s important to understand there’s a difference between disappointment and tragedy. I can say without question this football season has been the most disappointing event of my short 26 years on this planet.

As you can see in the tweet below, I resigned myself to this fate last weekend.

The reason why is very simple. My expectations were sky high entering the season. They couldn’t have been any higher. It’s one thing to have low expectations and have them not met or exceeded. The expectations are low, thus the emotional reaction is low. It’s like when a guy shoots his shot at a model in a bar. His expectations are low, thus when he gets rejected it’s not that bad.

However, it stings like hell when I expected a national championship, and now we’re 6-4. In life, I’ve learned to operate in-between the four and the six. What that means is I don’t allow myself to get too high or too low. I foolishly made an exception for this team because I thought they’d be great. I sure was wrong. I allowed myself to go to a 10, and now I’m at a one. (RELATED: The Latest College Football AP Poll Is Here. Do You Agree With Number Three?)


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This team took my heart right out of my chest and destroyed it. I’ve had some bad luck with women, and that all pales in comparison to the fact my beloved Wisconsin Badgers have four losses with two more games on the schedule.

This is the kind of heartbreak they just can’t teach you how to deal with. I mean, the night Michigan crushed my team, I thought that was as low as it could get. Turns out, it can get much lower.

I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen. It’s been an honor to be on this journey with you all, but my soul just can’t take it anymore. I guess now, we pack it in and wait for next year.

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