Memory Foam Mattresses Are Comfier And Less Expensive Than Traditional Ones

Jack Kocsis | Director of Commerce

Recently, I had the pleasure of sleeping on a memory foam mattress. It was a complete game changer – the only problem was getting myself out of the exquisite luxury the next morning. I’m not sure why all mattresses aren’t made of memory foam at this point. This is especially confounding to me since memory foam mattresses are WAY less expensive than the subpar models you find at Sleepy’s.

And as part of Black Friday Deals Week, now they cost even less. These mattresses, which are made with 100% USA-made foam, are 20 percent off today. That means you save $90 if you want a Full mattress and $125 if you want a King.

The cool part about memory foam mattresses (besides how comfortable they are) is how they are delivered to your door for easy setup. Just take them out of a box, give it 24 hours to expand, and suddenly you have a mattress. No need to take off work and wait for someone to come deliver a mattress in an unspecified 4-hour time window. Furthermore, you get a 100-night free trial. Send it back anytime within the first 100 days and you will get all your money back.

Normally $450 to $625, this mattress is 20 percent off in all three sizes (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $450 to $625, this mattress is 20 percent off in all three sizes (Photo via Amazon)

Rivet Mattress – Celliant Cover, Responsive 3-layer Memory Foam for Support and Better Overnight Recovery, Bed in a Box, 100-Night Trial on sale from $359 to $499

It’s officially Black Friday Deals Week over at Amazon, and the Daily Dealer will be keeping an eagle eye on the best deals over there, so make sure you keep checking in. We are keeping a running list of the week’s best deals here.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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