Journalist Says He Was ‘Assaulted’ As Portland Antifa Clash With Police And #HimToo Rally Participants

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Things got heated in Portland on Saturday as leftist Antifa groups clashed with police and #HimToo rally participants.

The #HimToo rally, organized by Portland resident Haley Adams as a way to highlight false accusations against men in light of the #MeToo movement, was reportedly attended by around 40 people, including some affiliated with the right-wing Patriot Prayer group.

“Men too can be abused, Men too can be lied about, Men too have the right to a fair trial,” the group wrote on its Facebook event page.

#HimToo has nothing to do with Politics but to stand up for MenToo. The left is making this political but it isn’t. Men & their families are starting to become very nervous about today’s blame projecting & it’s time to stand up for them together as we do women. Giving them a day to speak about how they feel, what they have gone through & believe it or not they are excited that we are not forgetting them. Instead of putting one or the other on a pedestal men and women should be working together, maybe this is a start.
We will be having a huge event in Portland Oregon on November 17th. Message us if you have any questions. Everyone is welcomed to join.

Leftist groups counter-demonstrating included the Democratic Socialists of America and Portland’s Rose City Antifa. (RELATED: Antifa Protesters Block Portland Traffic, Nearly Start Riot During Patrick Kimmons Vigil)

Bottles and flares were reportedly thrown at police officers during the demonstrations, and six people were arrested.

Journalist, photographer, and Quillette editor Andy Ngo attended the event and recorded several engagements between the counter-demonstrating groups. Ngo stated that he himself was “assaulted” by a “mob” of black-clad masked demonstrators who also insulted him and “targeted” his equipment.

Ngo documented police pushing back protesters who shouted “cops and Klan work hand-in-hand.”

And an Antifa member exposing himself to police:

Following the rally, “Antifa chased down people trying to get to their cars and fought then,” Ngo reported.

Ngo uploaded full video via YouTube on Sunday:

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