Kentucky Football Player Tears Into The Fans. Does He Have A Valid Point?

Kash Daniel (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video Saturday Down South)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Kentucky Wildcats linebacker Kash Daniel wasn’t overly pleased with the fans this past weekend.

His squad defeated Middle Tennessee 34-23 on Saturday, but the attendance wasn’t where he felt it should have been. He also didn’t hold back with his feelings. Daniels told the media the following, transcription via 247:

Honestly, dude, I’m really disappointed. That stadium should have been filled out to the max. You got a ranked team. First eight wins in the regular season since the 80s. You got to see Josh Allen break a sack record here. And look at this, Nebraska, a football powerhouse that wins national championships, still sold out 80,000 plus and they went 0-5. We’re bowl eligible for the past three seasons in a row. And on Senior Day, this is the class that turned Kentucky football around. Honestly, this is coming from a player that, fans might think different, if you’re going to be upset over us losing to a good Georgia team and football happens, that game against Tennessee, football happened.

You can watch the full video of his comments below.

I love the passion from Daniel here. I’ve worked in college sports and been around sports my whole life. It’s really hard at times for fans to understand just how much effort and energy these players are putting in. When things start to go south, a lot of fans are quick to run. That’s never acceptable. (RELATED: The Latest AP College Football Poll Has Arrived. Does Number Two Surprise You?)

I have stood by my Badgers this whole season, despite the fact we’re awful. That’s sports. As Daniel said, football happens. Fans at times need to be reminded that it’s not always a celebration.


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Kentucky football is the best that it’s been in my lifetime. Daniel and everybody involved with the program should be proud as hell.

If the fans don’t want to support them, then they don’t deserve to have a good football program. Nothing is handed out for free in this life. Everything is earned. Those players have laid it all on the line for the season they’re having. They deserve the support of a great fanbase.

Major props to Daniel for keeping it real.

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