Carmelo Anthony’s Expected New Team Might Surprise Basketball Fans Around The World

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Oddsmakers don’t have a lot of confidence Carmelo Anthony’s potential new team will be in the NBA.

According to BetOnlineAG, the most likely outcome is for the NBA star to sign with a team in China. After that, the 76ers are the most likely pro basketball team to bring him in.

This whole situation is just getting painful to watch. The Houston Rockets clearly don’t want anything to to with Anthony anymore, and now it’s starting to look like the rest of the NBA might not want to either. (RELATED: NBA Star Will Not Play Another Game With The Houston Rockets. Here’s What His Next Move Might Be)

In terms of his legacy, I really hope he doesn’t go to China. Sure, he could scoop up one or two more paydays, but he’ll be remembered as the guy who played himself right out of the NBA.


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Don’t get me wrong here. I know people who have played in China. There is money to be made and the level of talent is high. It’s still not a league a guy like Carmelo Anthony should ever find himself playing in.

He should take his millions of dollars that he’s made, retire and live the high life. I think it’s more than fair to say he’s earned that right.