This Security Cam Is Equipped With Special Self-Learning Technology

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The advantages of remote surveillance if you want to keep tabs on your valuables or loved ones are obvious, but this camera from Oco is next-level. You can control it via smartphone app, and it’s equipped with special self-learning technology. The more time the camera spends surveying an environment, the more accurately it can predict harmless motion, cutting down on false alarms and letting you know when there’s real danger. Usually $99, the camera’s on sale for Daily Caller readers at 20% off. Plus, right now you can use the code EBFSD15 for an extra early Black Friday 15% off and make out like a bandit.

Normally $100, this security cam is 20 percent off

Normally $100, this security cam is 20 percent off

Oco HD Security Camera on sale for $79

App control lets you access an encrypted wide-angle live-stream 24/7, not to mention record video for viewing later on the super convenient cloud. If you’re trying to keep on eye on loved ones, there’s a two-way talk feature built in. And with self-learning technology, you won’t be burdened with meaningless notifications throughout the day.

Usually $99, the Daily Caller Shop has this camera at 20% off for $79. Don’t forget to use the limited-time early Black Friday savings code EBFSD15 for an additional 15% off—get this amazing security cam for next to nothing.

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