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No holiday celebration is complete without everybody’s favorite drink: beer! But this year, instead of drinking beer from bottles and cans, make sure to drink beer the way it’s meant to be consumed. The Perfect Pint Glass (12-Pack) is everything you need to properly enjoy the world’s most refreshing beverage. Be sure to save big this Black Friday with this additional 20% off coupon by using coupon code, BFSAVE20, at checkout!

The Perfect Pint Glass: 12-Pack — $29.99

Constructed from durable, cloud-free TritanTM BPA-free plastic, The Perfect Pint Glass looks and feels exactly like a true 16-oz pint glass. These glasses are designed and manufactured completely in the USA, specifically the beer state of Colorado. Plus, since it’s completely free of glass, these cups will not shatter or cloud.

The Perfect Pint Glass is perfect for the outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re sitting around a campfire or pool, The Perfect Pint Glass is an ideal way to drink a freshly opened 12-oz can of beer. It’s so much better than those cheap, red plastic cups.

Take advantage of this Black Friday sale with 20% off the original price of $29.99. Get The Perfect Pint Glass (12-Pack) today and be sure to use the coupon code, BFSAVE20, at checkout!

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