VOTE: What Is The Worst Topic For Thanksgiving Conversation?

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Jon Brown Associate Editor
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As Americans across the country are gathering to eat Thanksgiving dinner with their families (sometimes begrudgingly), many topics of conversation are absolutely off-limits around the table. In this time of hyper-partisanship and heightened emotions, some people are walking on eggshells around the family members who do not agree with them on issues of politics and religion. (RELATED: Trump Signs Executive Order To Stop Family Separation)

If you hope to prevent what should be a pleasant occasion from devolving into a food fight, then it would probably be wise to avoid bringing up certain topics. But are some topics worse than others? (RELATED: These Angry People Want You To Ruin Your Family’s Thanksgiving Over Politics)

Vote below for what you think would be most likely to send the cranberry sauce flying across the table. In the spirit of family harmony and Thanksgiving, hopefully you won’t bring up a single one of them!