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Get HUGE Black Friday Savings On This 1080p Dash Cam

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Car crashes happen to even the most careful of drivers. When you get behind the wheel, there’s always the possibility that an accident could happen. Be prepared for these incidents and record everything with the Black Box 1080p Dash Cam.

Normally $150, this dash cam is 83 percent off

Normally $150, this dash cam is 83 percent off

Black Box 1080p Dash Cam on sale for $24.99

During a crash, everything happens so quickly and it’s not uncommon to forget exactly what happened. The Black Box 1080p Dash Cam will serve as an infallible witness. Engineered with its very own G-sensor, this dash cam will ensure that the moments leading up the accident all the way to the aftermath are captured on film. Even if you cannot remember anything, the Black Box 1080p Dash Cam will tell you everything you need to know.

With an impressive 120-degree recording angle and crisp 1080p resolution, this dash cam is designed to capture every important detail. It works just as well in the nighttime as during the day. Simply stick this compact device directly on your windshield and you’re good to go.

The Black Friday sales this year are amazing! The Black Box 1080p Dash Cam was already 83% off for the low price of $24.99. Now, you can take an additional 20% off with the coupon code: BFSAVE20.

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