Our College Football Gambling Picks Got Beheaded This Past Weekend. It Was A Disaster

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

It’s officially time to panic because our college football gambling picks got obliterated to close out the regular season.

We entered the weekend 29-30-1. Things didn’t get much better at all. (RELATED: The Final AP College Football Of The Regular Season Is Here. Find Out Who Is Number One)

For those who might have forgotten, our picks are below:

  • Texas (-14.5) vs. Kansas: LOSS
  • Oklahoma vs. West Virginia (+1.5): LOSS
  • Michigan (-4) vs. Ohio State: LOSS
  • Alabama vs. Auburn (+24): LOSS
  • Texas A&M vs. LSU (+2.5): WIN

Well, we’re now 30-34-1. That’s a disaster. It’s an absolute disaster. Just a couple weeks ago we had a little breathing room.

Now, all our margin of error is completely gone and we’re deep underwater. This is not where we’re supposed to be with only conference championship weekend and the bowls to go.

How was I supposed to know Ohio State would finally decide to wake up and play football? How was I supposed to see that coming? Absolutely unreal.


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Also, how does Texas not slaughter Kansas? Are you kidding me? Are you absolutely kidding me? That game shouldn’t have been within 50 by the time the clock hit zero. I’m disgusted for the Longhorns players.

Embarrassing on every level, and now it has cost us all money.

Sometimes life pushes you down and then proceeds to pump a dozen 9mm rounds into your body just to make sure you’re aware of what the universe is feeling about you.

Strap in, gentlemen. The next few days of college football gambling are going to be crazy.

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