Caravan Attacks Border Patrol, Liberals Attack Trump

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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Today’s Daily Daily Caller Podcast is about the would-be invasion waiting just south of the border and the politics behind the party choosing non-Americans over Americans and our laws. Hillary Clinton attacks the media, but the people who swore last week that politicians attacking the press are a “threat to the First Amendment and our democracy” were strangely silent on it. She also wants Europe, not the U.S., to curtail immigration to fend off “right-wing populists” in upcoming elections. You can’t make this stuff up.

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Members of the “migrant caravan,” who we’ve been told are nothing but the best, nicest people looking for safety for themselves and their families, aren’t content to be safely out of the countries they’ve allegedly fled for their lives from, they want in the U.S. A large group attempted to storm the U.S. border and were rebuffed. The mob threw bottles and rocks at Border Patrol agents, who responded with tear gas.

Liberals, naturally, took the side of the would-be illegal aliens against American citizens employed by the federal government to enforce our immigration laws. Maybe they saw the rock and bottle throwing and the contempt for the law and they were reminded of their base on college campuses and in places like Portland and got nostalgic. We point out all the hypocrisy.

Speaking of hypocrisy, Hillary Clinton is the gift that keeps on giving. In an interview with UK paper The Guardian, the twice-failed presidential candidate attacked Fox News as “superb propaganda.” The pearl-clutchers in the mainstream media who’d engaged their fainting couches over President Donald Trump using the term “fake news” offered up collective silence to this criticism. When CNN or MSNBC are criticized, it’s a “threat to our democracy.” When the target is Fox and the attacker is a liberal, it’s not even worth a mention.

In the same interview, Hillary said Europe has to get a handle on the immigration overrunning large parts of the continent or else progressives there could lose elections. She’s advocating for secure borders in Europe but opposes them for the United States. How lucky are we she lost the election?

Twitter has changed its rules to ban the “deadnaming” of transgender people. What is “deadnaming”? It’s as stupid as it sounds, but listen to find out just how crazy the whole thing is.

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