POLL: Was A&M’s Win Over LSU One Of The Greatest Games Ever Played? The Results Will Surprise You

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

A recent poll had some stunning results when it comes to Texas A&M’s 74-72 win over LSU over the weekend.

The Aggies won in seven overtimes, and it was one of the wildest games I’ve ever seen. That’s why I asked people on Twitter, “Was Texas A&M’s 74-72 win over LSU in seven overtimes one of the top five greatest college football games you’ve ever seen?”

This should be an obvious answer, and the answer is yes. Yes, this was one of the top five greatest games ever played. However, only 51 percent of the 1,150 voters apparently agreed with me. (RELATED: The Final AP College Football Of The Regular Season Is Here. Find Out Who Is Number One)

Who the hell voted no? How did over 500 people agree with that take? Are you kidding me? Any game that goes into overtime is pretty much already great by default.

Any game that goes into seven overtimes is an instant classic, and without a doubt a top five game ever played.

Anybody who disagrees with me probably didn’t even watch the insanity of Jimbo Fisher’s squad snagging a win.

Mostly, I just wanted to go to bed Saturday night. Once I fired up this game, I was all in. I sat there hooked on all the adrenaline and energy in the city.

How could you not be if you had a beating pulse Saturday night?


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Give me a break. You don’t know anything about football or excitement if you think this game isn’t in the top five. I never said it was the greatest. I never even said it was in the top two.

However, you’re a fool if you honestly think you can find five games that are better gifts from the football gods than this one was.

We’d only be so lucky to have games like this on a regular basis.