The Thanksgiving Box Office Numbers Are Sickening. Here’s How Much Money Was Spent

Creed II (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Movieclips Trailers)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The box office cracked the $300 million mark in ticket sales around Thanksgiving and the following weekend.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the following:

Revenue at the 2018 Thanksgiving box office hit an estimated $314 million for the Wednesday-Sunday corridor, led by new offerings Disney Animation Studios’ Ralph Breaks the Internet ($84.5 million) and MGM’s Creed II ($55.8 million).

The previous biggest Thanksgiving was set in 2013 with $295 million, when Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen topped the chart with five-day earnings of $109 million and $93.6 million, respectively.

Ladies and gentlemen, can you hear that sound off in the distance? That’s the sound of buckets of money being rained down on film studios. Over $300 million! That’s just a ginormous number, and there’s simply no other way to describe it.

I guess that I can’t say I’m surprised. “Ralph Breaks the Internet” obviously plays to the young audience and then “Creed II” has a dedicated audience that is bound to open its wallets. (RELATED: The Trailer For The New ‘Creed’ Movie Is A Pure Adrenaline Rush. Fans Of ‘Rocky’ Will Love It)

I nearly saw “Creed II” this weekend, but wasn’t able to get it done. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

However, you can bet every single penny you have that I eventually will. The first one was absolutely awesome. I think the second one will be just as great.


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Michael B. Jordan has proven himself to be an elite actor. If “Creed II” continues to make money, which I’m sure it will, then you can bet on another one.

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