CNN’s Lemon, Cuomo Mock Trump For Bringing Up Emmy Loss When Asked About Potential Nobel Prize

Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon mocked President Donald Trump on Wednesday night for bringing up “The Apprentice’s” Emmy loss over a decade ago when asked about his chances of winning a Nobel Prize.

“Well, they’ll never give it to me. We should have gotten the Emmy for ‘The Apprentice,’ you know?” Trump stated to the New York Post. “I had the No. 1 show, ‘The Apprentice.’ Arnold Schwarzenegger blew it. Big movie star. It was dead in two nights. I had it for 14 seasons.”

“So they’re saying he’s done a magnificent job, this show has gone to the top of the heap … and the winner is, and I stood up … and they said ‘Amazing Race’ and I said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding.’ That show was terrible,” the president said. “‘Amazing Race’ got it because ‘Amazing Race’ was the establishment.” (RELATED: Trump Threatens To ‘Hit [Dems] So Hard’ By Declassifying Declassifying ‘Devastating’ Documents Relating To Special Counsel) 


Cuomo read the president’s statement aloud and then both began laughing.

“D. Lemon, admit that that answer surprised you. Come on,” Cuomo stated between laughs. (RELATED: CNN Commentator Calls Don Lemon For Comments About Kanye West)

Lemon responded, “It just makes me laugh. Really, does he really cares that much about an Emmy? And wait, Emmy, let’s see, Emmy, Nobel, I mean, come on. Chris.” He was using his hands to gesture a scale of which award is more important.

“Which has the best show, though? Somewhere Meryl Streep ask, why haven’t I won that?” Cuomo followed up. “It’s a window into how he processes, you know. Will you win the Nobel Peace Prize his mind goes to an Emmy award that he should have won and didn’t.” (RELATED: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Kisses Don Lemon After Attacking Sarah Sanders)

“He’s still smarting about an Emmy award. I have to tell you, honestly, I never watched one single episode of ‘The Apprentice,'” Lemon concluded.

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