Melania Opens Up About Raising Barron, Anti-Bullying Campaign: ‘Sometimes You Have To Fight Back’

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Melania Trump spoke at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, Wednesday afternoon and opened up about raising her son Barron Trump in the White House. Barron is 12 years old and is the first boy to live in the White House since the Kennedy administration.

The topic of Melania’s speech was the greater opioid crisis.

CRTV host Eric Bolling, who lost his son to opioids last year, moderated a Q&A with Melania after her speech. Bolling asked Melania about raising Barron under the immense pressure of the the White House.

“How does he respond to you?” Bolling asked, concerning the first lady’s activism.

“He’s that age — sometimes you feel the children they don’t listen but they listen. He is very aware and I hope he follows what I teach him,” Melania said.

Bolling followed up, wondering if Melania monitors what Barron is doing on social media and how she explains the anti-bullying message of the “Be Best” campaign to him.

She said Barron was not on social media right now because he is “only interested” in sports.

“He’s a great athlete,” said the first lady. “I teach him to be responsible and treat people with respect and kindness.”

Melania admitted that when she started her anti-bullying campaign she knew she would be criticized. “So the next generation can be respectful and kind,” Melania said. “Also sometimes you need to fight back, I’m sorry.” (RELATED: Media Attacks Melania’s Christmas Decorations, Call It Horror Show Nightmare)

The audience reportedly applauded.

Photo by Zach Gibson-Pool/Getty Images

Photo by Zach Gibson-Pool/Getty Images






When Bolling asked a follow-up about the recent media uproar over her Christmas decorations at the White House, the first lady said, “We are in the 21st century, and everybody has a different taste. I think they look fantastic.”

Melania then invited the large student audience to visit the White House. “I hope you will call come over to visit. In real life, they look even more beautiful. You are all welcome to visit the White House — the People’s House,” the first lady said to cheers.