Press Sec Blasts Jennifer Rubin For Hot Take On Tim Scott Based On Something He Didn’t Even Do

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Mike Brest Reporter
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Sen. Tim Scott’s press secretary fired back against Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin after she called the senator ‘a fraud’ for something he didn’t even do on Thursday evening.

Rubin tweeted, “What a fraud [Scott] is on civil rights,” in response to a WaPo reporter’s tweet that Scott would vote to confirm Trump judicial nominee Thomas Farr. Farr has received a lot of criticism because of his work on cases involving congressional and legislative boundaries and voter ID laws. Farr has also received negative publicity for racial incidents.

Farr served as legal counsel during former Sen. Jesse Helms’s 1990 Senate campaign, when the Helms campaign sent out mailers that the Justice Department said were designed to intimidate black voters from showing up to the polls.

While it’s unknown exactly what Rubin meant, it appears as if she was criticizing Scott, a black man, for allegedly voting in favor of a judge with racial question marks in his past. (RELATED: Why Are Stacey Abrams And Andrew Gillum Opposing A North Carolina Judicial Nominee?)

But Scott ended up voting against Farr — along with Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, who has promised to block all Trump nominees until Congress acts to protect the Mueller investigation — which essentially sank any chances of his confirmation. (RELATED: Republican Tim Scott Will Kill Nomination Chances Of Trump Judicial Nominee Thomas Farr)

As of the publication of this story, Rubin has not rescinded her comments about Scott.

Meanwhile, Sen. Scott’s press secretary Ken Farnaso did respond to Rubin on Twitter, “Hi — just wanted to let you know that the man you think is a ‘fraud on civil rights,’ is one of the most courageous statesmen we have in the United States Congress. Our country is better because of his quiet, humble, and powerful voice.”

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