Pelosi Inspires Herself, Obama Congratulates Himself, Avenatti Defends Himself

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Derek Hunter Contributor

On today’s show we point out the realities the legacy media won’t about Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, as well as talk about a new study out of Yale showing liberals speak down to minorities and a soccer team in Ireland that faked the death of one of its players to get a game canceled.

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Nancy Pelosi was chosen by House Democrats to be the next speaker of the House, a result that was called “resounding” by the New York Times and overwhelming by The Hill. But she was 15 votes short of the necessary 218 needed to actually become speaker again. Having a majority of Democrats support you is not the same as having a majority of the House. Pelosi still has a lot of work to do.

A new study from Yale found liberals “dumb down” their language when speaking to minorities, but other Americans do not. It’s horribly racist, but not the least bit surprising. Liberals think they know what’s best for everyone else and want to use the power of government to force people to bow to their will. While it’s not surprising, it is a little shocking that confirmation would come from Ivy League liberals. We have the details.

Michael Avenatti, called the “Creepy Porn Lawyer” in some circles, in having a public battle with his most famous client, porn star Stormy Daniels. She wants to know where all the money raised for her from supporters went and he’s not being particularly forthcoming about it. We go into all of it.

Obama was congratulating himself for U.S. oil production while speaking in Texas the other day, taking credit for the record energy our country is producing. But, as is often the case with Obama, the truth tells a different story. The expansion of oil exploration under the Obama administration was on private lands, so it was in spite of him, not because of him. We explain.

Finally, we’ve all wanted to get out of things, but one Irish soccer team took it to an extreme when they claimed one of their players had died in a car crash to avoid a game last weekend. Needless to say, this came as a shock to the league and the guy they’d killed off without telling him.

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