Fox Sports Pundit Makes Insulting Comparison About Aaron Rodgers. Did He Cross The Line?

David Hookstead | Reporter

Colin Cowherd might have officially crossed the line.

On Thursday, he felt the need to claim Aaron Rodgers and his play and issues are “closer to Matt Stafford than Drew Brees.”

You can watch this incredibly offensive video below.

How dare these words leave Cowherd’s mouth? I’m actually a fan of his show, but I refuse to stand here idly as he compares Rodgers and Stafford. (RELATED: Here Are The Best Moments From Week 12 Of The NFL Season)

The Detroit Lions gunslinger is a man of pride and talent, and he represents the best in America.


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Aaron Rodgers? That man is a clown. I can’t stand him and he doesn’t represent anything that I’d want in my locker room. It’s always somebody else’s fault and he is just allergic to accepting responsibility.

He’s an example of what I don’t want my quarterback to be.


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Cowherd might be a good guy, but this crossed the line. Luckily, I’m not a snowflake and I don’t demand apologies.

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