Local Philadelphia Hero Uses Hairspray As Blowtorch After Her Deli Order Is Unsatisfactory

(YouTube Screenshot: CBS Philly)

Jena Greene Reporter

Police are on the hunt for a Philadelphia woman who reportedly used her hairspray as a blowtorch after she got upset at a local convenience store on Nov. 20.

According to KSN.com, the unnamed woman wreaked havoc on a corner deli at the 2100 block of West 65th Avenue in Philly. Police are calling the perpetrator a “disgruntled woman” and still consider her to be at large. If and when they find the woman, she will be charged with arson. (RELATED: These Are The Must Watch Reactions To The Historic Eagles Game Last Night)

You can watch the video below. It looks like the woman walked into the establishment with her own hairspray, and when things didn’t go her way, she also whipped out a lighter and became a modern day MacGyver.


I know that technically it’s “illegal” to start fires in confined places of business but you have got to respect this woman’s resourcefulness. I can’t really make out what she’s trying to light on fire but she’s determined all the same. This is what you call an old-fashioned meltdown and we don’t see them too much anymore.

There’s too many people out there practicing yoga, meditation exercises, and attending anger management courses. But in Philly, people are still dealing with their problems the old fashioned way. They’re hashing it out, lighting things on fire, climbing lamp posts, and flipping cars over.

Never change, Philly. Never change.

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