Dershowitz: Mueller’s Tactics Are ‘Common When You’re Dealing With The Mafia’ And ‘Terrorists’

(Fox News 12/3/2018)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz criticized the tactics special counsel Robert Mueller is using in an attempt to charge those close to President Donald Trump, accusing Mueller of “creating crimes” rather than uncovering them during his appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


“The special counsel was supposed to … find crimes relating to Russia. As far as we know, he hasn’t found very many of those. What he has done is to help create crimes,” Dershowitz stated. “That is he’s giving people an opportunity to lie, now it’s their fault that they lie, but these are all crimes that have occurred after he became special prosecutor. That wasn’t his mandate and the other crimes, most of the ones he was found before are financial crimes, like with Manafort, utterly unrelated to his mandate.”

“The one exception to that may be Cohen testifying about the hundred something thousand dollar payment to one of the women but that’s a very questionable case because you are allowed to make contributions to your own campaign particularly if the purpose is to save you embarrassment with family and friends,” he continued.

“How common is this among prosecutors? This kind of behavior, trying to suborn someone into perjury,” Carlson asked. (RELATED: CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Says Manafort Is Lying Because He’s ‘Stupid, Arrogant’ Or ‘Shopping For A Pardon’)

Former Trump associates Michael Flynn, George PapadopoulosPaul Manafort, Michael Cohen and Rick Gates have all pleaded guilty in relation to Mueller’s investigation, though none have admitted to colluding with Russia.

“Well, you know it’s not common. It’s common when you’re dealing with the mafia, it’s common when you’re dealing with terrorists. But good prosecutors don’t try to manufacture crime, and good prosecutors don’t necessarily use the threat of prosecution to create evidence that is used to target somebody who may not have committed any crime at all. So you know prosecutors do a lot of things but good prosecutors, I think don’t do what allegedly is being done here,” Dershowitz responded.

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