H.W.’s Office Reveals His Final Pair Of Socks

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Saagar Enjeti White House Correspondent
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Former President George H.W. Bush’s office revealed the final pair of socks he would wear to the grave as his casket departs Houston, Texas, for funeral services in Washington, D.C., Monday.

President Donald Trump sent the presidential aircraft known as Air Force One to Houston, Texas, to pick up H.W. Bush’s body. The deceased former president will now lay in-state at the U.S. Capitol until Wednesday when a national funeral service will be held at the National Cathedral. (RELATED: GEORGE H.W. BUSH’S SERVICE DOG WILL ACCOMPANY HIS BODY TO BURIAL— THEN GO ON TO HELP VETS)

The former president’s body will then be flown back to Houston, Texas, where it will make its way via train to College Station, Texas. College Station houses the former president’s presidential library and is the gravesite of his deceased wife and former first lady, Barbara Bush.

H.W. Bush was well known for wearing colorful socks, often displaying the patterns on social media and receiving them as gifts from other dignitaries.

“I love a good sock,” the former president once told his grand-daughter and NBC personality Jenna Bush. H.W. Bush became particularly known for his sock hobby one he was confined to a wheelchair in 2007 and his ankles were often visible in photos.

H.W. Bush wore socks depicting library books at the funeral of wife Barbara in April 2018 to commemorate her initiatives to increase U.S. literacy.