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Morning Mirror: Big Name Media GOPers Both Rip and Remember Fmr. President George H. W. Bush

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“I knew there’d be a lot of love for GHWB this week. It’s arguably a nice tradition that former presidents get a send off that emphasizes their better qualities but I’ve never seen any POTUS death this hagiographic.” 

Matthew Cooper, contributing editor, Washington Monthly.

Note to readers: Hagiographic implies someone who is “holy.” 

The Mirror has been away for the Thanksgiving holiday…

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By Betsy Rothstein.



Ann Coulter rips George H.W. Bush a day after his death 

“GHW Bush isn’t even trending. THAT’S what happens to presidents who betray their central campaign promise. No mark. No legacy. Not even trending.” — Ann Coulter, conservative commentator.

Meanwhile…Brit Hume recalls story about Bush clearing dishes 

“On the night he was elected President, GHW Bush was watching the returns at a friend’s house in Houston. When the call came that he had won, with his vp motorcade waiting to take him to the victory party across town, Bush’s first act was to help clear the dinner dishes.” — Brit Hume, Fox News.

Politico reporter to compete on ‘Jeopardy!’

“It’s official, guys — I will be competing on Jeopardy on Dec 12th! Please join me at the Big Board on H St NE for a local watch party from 7-8pm, and tune in on your local ABC station.” — Elana Schor, Politico.

Travel Bitches: Sen. Sasse flies Southwest? 

“Better than average Southwest airlines joke just now: ‘At this point, one really good looking flight attendant will be coming through the aisle — as well as a really really ugly one.'” — Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska).

Patrick Howley with some Thanksgiving cheer… 

“The ban of Laura Loomer has me fired up. Here’s the deal, and I say this as a Tea Partier: No more playing along with Conservatism Inc. You are either for @realDonaldTrump or against him. You are either for Winning and Saving America, or for cowardly submission to Globalism.” — Patrick Howley, EIC, Big League Politics.

Stephen King compares George H.W. Bush to President Trump 

“Remember when George Bush lost a presidential debate (and perhaps the presidency) by just looking at his watch? Now we’ve got a serial liar and womanizer as president, a draft dodger surrounded by a bunch of corrupt crocodiles. Times change, eh?” — Stephen King, author, horror books.

The Daily Caller and Townhall‘s Derek Hunter remarked, “I could’ve sworn he was describing the guy Bush lost to in 1992. The description is dead-on.”

About that robbery at the D.C. Whole Foods… 

“Yes, the attempted robbery was in ‘my’ Whole Foods. I wasn’t in there at the time — I don’t yet know who was shot or the extent of their injuries. Over the past years I’ve gotten to know a lot of the staff and they’re all lovely people who make me smile every morning.”

“I walk in for fruit every day — couple days ago my favorite cashier gave me a hug and said ‘don’t you steal my girl!’ to the cashier whose line I’d walked into. Someone had just been a jerk to him and he said ‘some people just want be mad — I like you cause you’re always happy!'”

“I love my neighborhood and everyone in it. I don’t knee-jerk to make the cliche DCist ‘I’m moving to Virginia!’ comments when things like this happen the way I used to because I feel connection to the people who live here. And we all hate the crime.”

Lyndsey Fifield, digital, Heritage Foundation.

Hair Alert: Sen. Sherrod Brown cleans up his coiffe 

WaPo‘s Dave Weigel remarked, “He’s running,” referring to the White House in 2020.

Roland Martin says Mia Love wasn’t receptive to black media 

“I really want @RepMiaLove to answer this: How can she rip the @GOP for not making women and minorities feel welcome if she, as a Black woman, made no substantive effort to talk to Black media? I had @Reince Priebus on @TJMShow but never Mia. Explain that.” — Roland Martin, host of the online Roland Martin Show.

Confessional: Ellen Show’ producer isn’t opposed to conservatism 

“I communicate offline a lot with some of the very well known far right folks on twitter. We wildly disagree on politics obviously, but I like the dialogue w/people who are as passionate about what they believe as I am. My biggest issues are with Trump/Trumpism, not conservatism.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show.

Today in Unnecessary Tweeting

“A rare non-news related tweet. What fresh winter!greenery is best for scenting the house? (Short of a full tree?) My Home Depot has so many good options—cedar, pine, etc. Help! I want that clean winter smell by my door.” — Amanda Carpenter, CNN contributor.

Daily Mail‘s Piers Morgan makes fun of Dick Van Dyke’s name 



Gossip Roundup 

TMZ: Sadly, Ariana Grande gets rid of Pete Davidson just a little bit more. Here.

NYP‘s Page Six: How many times will Alec Baldwin be arrested that someone thinks there’s something really wrong with him? Here.

NYT‘s Maureen Dowd‘s column about her love/hate relationship with George H.W. Bush…Here.

Reporter couldn’t care less about Laura Loomer’s popularity

“My mentions just filled up with people telling me Laura Loomer is more popular and well-known than I am. This is correct. I am now planning to give up covering conflict and terrorism so I can handcuff myself to things until people pay attention to me.” — Sulome Anderson, freelance war correspondent.

If you worked at Mic, this Daily Beast reporter wants to help you 

“If you’re a journalist at Mic who got screwed over by this corporate overlord-ery, feel free to DM me. This is not for me to report anything (that would be ⁦‪@maxwelltani‬⁩’s bag…), this is to see if I can help you in some way.Getting laid off fucking blows.” — Asawin Suebsaeng, The Daily Beast.

C-SPAN has some fun with Mnuchin’s name 

The Observer

“Liberalism is a disease.” — Donald Trump Jr.

Speaking of Don Jr. …

“I’m gonna put tape over my mouth and handcuff myself to trump tower until Don Jr. unblocks me.” — Ashley Feinberg, HuffPost.

Creepy Porn Star lawyer Michael Avenatti is a baby 

“@TuckerCarlson‬⁩ is a piece of garbage. He enjoys taking shots at people and spewing lies, and then refuses to allow them to come on his show to defend themselves. It is the only way he can score any points – by not having the opponent there. He is a complete coward.” — Michael Avenatti.

Don’t worry, he is still with Stormy Daniels. They’ve “sorted shit out.”

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Avennatti is super angry at James “Jimbo” Woods 

Michael Avenatti: “You are a clown and someone who has significant sexual assault issues lurking in his background. I’ve previously heard from 2 women with credible allegations. I’m very much looking forward to bringing those cases and showing the world what a pervert you really are Jimbo.”

James Woods: “Michael, you have bigger fish to fry. Have a sense of humor. It’s just Twitter, bud. C’mon. Relax. Seriously. Take a joke with a smile.”

Is Dana Rohrabacher off to Hollywood?

“@DanaRohrabacher‬⁩ says he’s done with politics after 30 years in Congress. He has a couple film scripts he’s been working on. ‘I may end up as a screenwriter, who knows — it’s time for this guy to go to Hollywood, baby!'” — Casey Tolan, Mercury News, East Bay Times.

‘Matt Laurier’

“So now we hear on Tucker about sexual harassment claims against NBC News Pres, Andy Lack, in the 80’s. The same AL who delayed my Dateline interview until after Bill Clinton’s Impeachment. The same Andy Lack who protected Matt Laurier and Harvey Weinstein.” — Juanita Broaddrick, who alleges that former President Bill Clinton raped her in 1978 when he was Arkansas AG.

BuzzFeed editor says shame on you if you do this

“Filming people at the gym who may look silly or like they don’t know what they’re doing isn’t good content it’s trash and you’re a bad person and you should feel bad.” — David Mack, deputy director, breaking news, BuzzFeed.