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This Innovative Wine Bottle Sealer Allows You To Store Opened Wine For Weeks

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Ever have just one glass of wine but can’t finish the bottle? Instead of throwing away the excess vino before it spoils, try sealing the bottle with the Wine Squirrel. Simply pour the leftover wine into the crystal decanter and insert the seal to provide an oxygen barrier. The device is on sale for 20% off the original price.

Normally $99, the Wine Squirrel is 20 percent off

Normally $99, the Wine Squirrel is 20 percent off

Wine Squirrel on sale for $79

The patented technology allows you to store wine for weeks or even longer, depending on the type of wine. The gadget fits into standard refrigerators or wine fridges and is so secure, you can store a bottle horizontally or even upside down. At a reduced price of $79 from $99, the Wine Squirrel will pay for itself in the wine you’ll save.

To clean, simply rinse the seal in water and save for the next use. The Wine Squirrel is the first device of its kind to solve a common problem – no wonder the creation raised triple its Kickstarter goal!

Never waste wine again by purchasing the Wine Squirrel for $79 in the Daily Caller shop today.

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