The Story Of How A Dallas Cowboys Star Got Put In Rehab Sounds Straight Out Of A Movie

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The story behind how Dallas Cowboys star Randy Gregory ended up in rehab sounds like it’s right out of an action movie.

Gregory has had multiple issues with drugs since entering the NFL, and it sounds like his trip to rehab resembled a Secret Service operation to extract the President from a sketchy situation.

ESPN wrote the following in the profile released Tuesday detailing his lawyer Daniel Moskowitz’s actions to get him into rehab:

Just after dawn, in the middle of a relapse last winter, a fleet of dark SUVs rolled up and took Randy Gregory away. He was half-awake and had been partying the night before, so his recollection of the details probably isn’t exact. He remembers about 15 men, most of them clad in dark suits. They looked like the feds.

The men worked swiftly, ushering him into one of the SUVs bound for the airport. They did not give him time to pack.

Moskowitz watched from a distance when the men in the dark SUVs came for Gregory. Moskowitz will not say who they were. “I made an extreme call,” he says, “and the cavalry came.”

“The cavalry” took Gregory to a flight to California, where he spent more than six months in a rehab center and a sober-living house. He acknowledged his addiction and mental-health issues and worked to get sober. Today, he is back in the NFL, on a Cowboys team surging toward the postseason.

I hate drug addiction, but if you’re gonna have to go to rehab, this sounds like the way to get it done. More than a dozen men in SUVs roll up, snatch the target and whisk him away to a waiting plane. It is straight out of “The Sum of All Fears.”

You know your problems are serious when 15 guys have to roll you in order to get you the necessary help. That’s not some minor stuff like occasionally hitting a joint. That’s a serious drug and alcohol issue — which the profile does a great job of diving into.


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Now, Gregory is back in the NFL after having to sit out for a long time, and he’s playing very well for the Cowboys as they make a playoff push(RELATED: Here Are The Best Moments From NFL Week 13)

You also have to give major props to his lawyer for setting this whole comeback and rehab stint in motion. I honestly believe a lot of people would have tossed Gregory aside once they thought he no longer had value or an NFL future. That’s not what Moskowitz did at all. He pulled out all the stops to get the talented defensive player the help he needed.


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Hopefully, Gregory is able to stay sober and continue playing in the NFL for a very long time. Nothing is more American than a great comeback story, and the talented young player is on one hell of a great journey right now.

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