President George H.W. Bush’s Greatest Accomplishments


Scott Bledsoe Contributor
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George H.W. Bush lived a life devoted to country and family.

He served in the U.S. Navy fighting abroad in the Pacific during World War II. He was devoted to public service, serving as a member of Congress, ambassador to the United Nations, Vice President, and eventually President of the United States.

As president, he led the way on successful military operations abroad, as well as successful domestic policy initiatives.

President Bush established himself as a true statesman during his time in the White House, putting country over party and putting the needs of Americans first. (RELATED: A Man For All Seasons: Here’s How Celebrities, Athletes And Advisers Remember George H.W. Bush)

He worked across the aisle to advance bipartisan legislation such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. He also ensured that America was a global force for positive change, carrying out the end of the Cold War and leading a successful military offensive in the Gulf War.

He will always be remembered as a strong and compassionate leader, husband, and father. Please read below for some of the highlights of his life and career.