Tucker Debates State Sen. Who Wants Social Media Accounts Checked Before Firearm Sales

Fox News 12/5/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Tucker Carlson debated Democratic New York State Sen. Kevin Parker Wednesday night about a bill Parker introduced that would require the police to look into the social media accounts of anyone who wanted to purchase a firearm.


“I should just say at the outset what I’m sure our viewers already know, which is it’s already against federal law to sell firearms to the mentally ill, thank heaven, and I think all of us support that restriction. So it’s already against the law. But what other constitutional rights that we as Americans possess should be contingent on how we behave on social media?” Carlson began.

“Well, let’s be clear, I take an oath that supports the amendments and the whole Constitution, both the U.S. and the state government constitution,” Parker responded.

“This is really not impinging on constitutional rights. This is really about safety. This is really about how do we, in fact, make the state of New York as safe as possible? Now, we have already been very safe. One of the top three safest states in the entire country, particularly when you look at, you know mass shootings, thank god,” he continued. “But, we can always be safer and we can always make sure that what happened in Pittsburgh, what we saw in Parkland, what we saw in Orlando doesn’t happen here.”

“Hold on and by the way, I agree with your desire to make your state and every state as safe as we possibly can. But why restrict it to gun owners? You are an elected official. You are a state senator,” Carlson added. “You wield a lot of power. You control people’s lives. Why shouldn’t I have the password to your social media accounts so we can assess whether you should be wielding the power you should do.”

Pictured are various guns with bullets on a table. SHUTTERSTOCK/ Kiattipong

Pictured are various guns with bullets on a table. SHUTTERSTOCK/ Kiattipong

Parker responded by saying that if someone put it in legislation then he would, but when Carlson pushed, Parker added that his accounts are public. (RELATED: Harvard Student And Legal Gun Owner Asked To Find Another Apartment By Landlord)

“I get what you are saying. I guess I’m just wondering why we are restricting. I mean as long as — you said privacy is not a concern. If you have concerns about privacy don’t carry a gun. Don’t buy a gun. Okay,” Tucker continued, not willing to let it go. “But you are saying that that’s the only category to which this applies. Why don’t we apply it to voting? Before you vote and choose who runs the state, who controls your life, why shouldn’t you have your social media checked? I’m not sure I understand.”

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