The Golden Globe Nominations Are Out. The Best Show On TV Is Shown Major Disrespect

Westworld Alternate Trailer (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube HBO)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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HBO’s hit show “Westworld” only got one Golden Globe nomination when they were released Thursday morning.

The only nomination the show scooped up was Thandie Newton for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Limited-Series, or TV Movie. Once again, HBO’s greatest show has been shown a sickening amount of disrespect. (RELATED: HBO Hands Out Massive Raises To Stars Of One Of Its Biggest Hits. Here’s How Much They’ll Make)

This is a tragedy on par with any other tragedy in my lifetime. Only one nomination? Are you kidding me? Is nothing in this world righteous or sacred? I must be taking crazy pills.

I’m questioning my reality right now as we speak.

As a coworker told me upon hearing this news, “that’s complete bulls**t.” I couldn’t agree more. “Westworld” should have nominations, at minimum, for Ed Harris in the category of Best Actor in a Series, Limited-Series, or TV Movie, and for Best TV Series, Drama or Best TV Movie or Limited-Series.

I dare anybody to honestly sit there and tell me the second season and Ed Harris in particular weren’t both awesome.

Shame on everybody involved with the Golden Globes. Shame on all of them. They clearly don’t know a great show when they see one.

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