Heisman Finalist Kyler Murray Sounds Like He Might Be Considering A Career Change

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray sounds like he might consider giving the NFL a serious look over professional baseball.

Murray was the first round pick for the Oakland A’s, and signed a deal worth nearly $5 million. He might be giving that money back because it sounds like he might be taking a very real look at NFL. (RELATED: Kyler Murray Signs Oakland A’s Contract)

“I think that’s something me and my family will talk about at the end of the season and weigh out the options of what the NFL thinks of me. Right now my future is already kind of planned out, but we’ll see what happens,” Murray said during an ESPN interview at the start of December, according to NBC Bay Area.

I have some advice for my guy Kyler Murray, and it’s going to come free of charge. Forget about football as soon as the college football playoff is over. Go out there and sling the rock around with the Sooners one last time, and then hang it up.

You know what happens to people who play football? They get banged around a lot. You know what sport that really doesn’t happen in? Baseball. Baseball players cash huge checks, and don’t need to constantly worry about concussions.


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Would I love to see Murray try his hand at the next level of football? Sure, but I also want the man to get his money. That’s not going to happen as easily in football. There’s no guarantee at all he’ll be a star in either sport, but he has way more money coming his way with football.

He should take the money and run towards the baseball diamond. That’s the best and really the only advice I could ever give anybody in his position.