The AP College Football Player Of The Year Has Been Announced. Alabama Fans Will Flip Out

David Hookstead | Reporter

Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray has been named the AP Player of the Year.

The voting was released Thursday, and it wasn’t even close. The Heisman favorite ran away with the award. (RELATED: The College Football Playoff Teams Have Been Announced. Some Fans Will Be Enraged)

This makes me so happy. All I had to hear about all year was that Tua was guaranteed to win the Heisman and all the other awards out there. It was sickening. I had an urge to vomit around the clock.

Give me a break. Kyler balled out in impressive fashion, and he didn’t get hurt or a lay an egg in his conference title game. Dare I say he’s more impressive than Baker Mayfield was? I think there’s a very real chance he is.


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Could Tua still win the Heisman? He could, but it’s not likely at this point in my mind. Kyler has just been way too damn good to get bumped out of the top position.

Plus, it’d be kind of cool to see a school win in back-to-back years.


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I can’t wait to see the tears from Alabama fans when Murray walks away with the Heisman. It’s going to be glorious. It’s going to be a biblical meltdown.

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