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Morning Mirror: Ann Coulter Drops Stink Bomb On Presidential Funerals

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Mere mortals dare not dream of the sheer power with which Piers Morgan self-owns.”

— Sam Baker, Axios. It’s not unusual for people to hate Morgan. A news station in Britain recently used him to raise money for cancer. And then in November, he told Ariana Grande’s mom that her daughter shouldn’t use nudity to sell her music.

Story alert: If you’re thin-skinned media, you’re screwed 

“Hi friends — over the past year, have any prominent media figures slid into your DMs (or your boss’s DMs!) to whine and/or yell at you for mildly criticizing them? pls DM or email me if so” — Ashley Feinberg, HuffPost. (RELATED: BRIAN STELTER’S DORKIEST MOMENT EVER)

OUCH! Ann Coulter drops a bomb on presidential funerals

“Inasmuch as presidential funerals are turning in month-long affairs, could we roll the Carter and Clinton funerals into one?” — Ann Coulter, conservative commentator, bestselling author. Coulter takes as much as she dishes out. A recent congressional candidate, Randy Bryce (D),  once made fun of her, claiming she has an Adam’s apple. She shot right back at him. Bryce lost his race.

How to make George H.W.’s death all about me 

“My thoughts today are also with President George H.W. Bush’s speechwriter, @michaeljohns, who I worked for @Heritage. While I was still in college, Michael had the confidence on [stet] me to offer me a spot on his speechwriting team in the White House.” — Jeff Stier, senior fellow, Consumer Choice Center.

Gossip Roundup

NYP‘s Page Six: Monica Lewinsky spotted in deep convo with former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers. Here.

NYP: BBC host walks out of her show and hangs herself. Here. Weirdly, the post was published in the category of “living.”

WSJ reporter recalls working at the crazy Cheesecake Factory 

“I worked at the Cheesecake Factory for three years out of the college and I’ve also covered riots in Ferguson, Baltimore and D.C. as a reporter and the craziest day of my life was when the Cheesecake Factory I worked at ran a 50 cent slice promotion.” — Byron Tau, WSJ. He was reacting to this story about how a cheesecake situation got out of control Wednesday amid a free promo.

Splinter reporter  gets really angry at a pot of soup: ‘I hate you’ 

“When you first make a pot of soup: ah, what a delightful warming home-made treat. healthy and delicious. Heating up the second Tupperware of leftovers: fuck you bean ass bitch. I hate you. I’m pouring you in the garbage.” — Libby Watson, political reporter, Splinter.

Author takes another baseball bat to NYT writer 

“Katie Rogers’ story entitled “Books Trump Can Praise Without Reading A Word” is untrue –at least insofar as my book is concerned, which she cited as proof. Sadly, @nytimes is famous for this kind of sloppy and biased reporting. Don’t bother calling me after the fact, Katie.” — Gregg Jarrett, author of The Russia Hoax. Jarrett razzed Rogers on Wednesday, too.

Today in Unnecessary Tweeting:

“How old were you when you realized Brussels sprouts could be delicious?” —  Jane Coaston, Vox.

“I’m proud to say I started a 2 liter diet root beer on Monday… I finished it today.” — Harry Enten, senior writer and analyst, CNN.

Confessional. Erick Erickson had to have some medical scans

“I’ve been in the hospital most of the morning getting some scans. Nothing major. But really striking to come out and see all the praise for Bush as a man full of grace who never held grudges with the Trump folks cheering the collapse of the Weekly Standard.” — Erick Erickson, conservative journo and pundit and EIC of The Resurgent.

Politico reporter ‘bumps into’ AG Sessions and you’ll never guess what happens next — yes, a story! 

“Just bumped into former Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Chatty as ever. Story TK.” — Burgess Everett, congressional reporter, Politico.

Travel Bitches 

“Note to self: don’t order hotel pizza.” — Kassy Dillon, staff writer, The Daily Wire.