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Slate’s Dog B*tch Doubles Down On Bush’s Pooch Having No Real Feelings

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CBS8 was barking up the wrong tree when they sought out Slate‘s Ruth Graham to excavate any sliver of regret for writing the definitively worst piece on George H.W. Bush‘s death.

The story surfaced in the liberal pub after Sully, the late president’s yellow Lab, was photographed lying in front of his American flag-draped casket. Sully later visited Bush in the Capitol Rotunda and lay down next to him.

“Well, if you read the article, there is nothing in it negative about George H.W. Bush at all,” Graham defensively explained to the TV reporter. Graham claimed she would have written the story about a Democrat president. “I fully stand by the piece and don’t regret writing it.”

Three days after Bush’s death, Graham wrote, “Don’t Spend Your Emotional Energy on Sully H.W. Death.” Apart from the obvious framing of the story, the piece has a couple of really disgusting sentences that would make any dog want to bite her head off.

Or as CBS8 put it, “Bite her hard.”

First, she described Sully the service dog as an “employee” for Bush that helped him deal with his Parkinson’s disease. Then she disagreed with Sully being H.W.’s “forever” dog since he was only with him for the past six months.

But her stinger: “It’s a bit demented to project soul-wrenching grief onto a dog’s decision to lie down in front of a casket.”

Another: “Does the photo say anything special about this dog’s particular loyalty or judgment, or is he just … there?”

She even raised the issue of dogs eating their owners.

The news station squeezed her for sorrow overwriting the piece.

She had none.

But the newscasters did argue amongst themselves whether Sully would really miss H.W.

Graham, who thankfully doesn’t own a dog or run a puppy mill, doubled down on her belief that no one can really know how the service dog who cared for Bush in the last six months of his life really felt.

“All I was saying we don’t know how the dog feels,” said Graham, who lives in New Hampshire.

Watch the CBS8 segment here.