Democrats Are Eating Their Words About Bernie Sanders As The Party Takes A Hard Left Turn, Says Ed Henry

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Chief national correspondent for Fox News Ed Henry said on “Fox & Friends” Friday that Democrats will likely regret calling Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders crazy as his views are becoming more mainstream within the Democratic party.

“Fox & Friends” played a clip of Sanders highlighting his agenda on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” from Thursday and asked Henry if Sanders is gearing up for another White House run.

“It sounds like he is running but you know what, he’s also right about what he is saying,” he said. (RELATED: Bernie Sanders, Climate Hawk, Spends Nearly $300K On Private Jet Travel In Month)

Henry said other Democrats called Sanders “crazy” back in 2016 for embracing socialist policies but have now drastically changed their message to line up with his ideology.

“You can disagree about his policies, but when he says there, ‘They called me crazy in 2016.’ I was there. I was covering him and Hillary Clinton. And he and Hillary Clinton were going at it, and Hillary Clinton and much of the media were laughing at him saying, ‘This guy’s nuts. You can’t pay for any of this stuff. He wants Medicare for all.’ And you know what? I saw the crowds,” he said. “His crowds were way bigger than Hillary Clinton because he fired up people. When you say you’re going to give them free stuff, it’s great.”


“You still can’t pay for it, number one. Number two, here’s the big point: he was seen as crazy in 2016. Now, it’s not crazy. It’s the mainstream of the Democratic Party,” Henry added. “Ocasio-Cortez and all the rest who are joining the new Congress and all the candidates by the way — it was only one guy out on the left all by his lonesome. Now you’re going to have 17, 18 leftists running because that’s the center of the party.”

Henry said to expect more mimicry of Sanders’ message as younger Democrats try to recapture the energy he created but said he’s unlikely to win the nomination.

“Remember what Donald Trump said in 2016. People laughed at him about this as well. There’re going to be Bernie people he said, who vote for me in the general election. I think he was right because there are some who are not necessarily socialists but they were anti-establishment,” Henry declared.

“They didn’t like Hillary Clinton, and they didn’t vote for her in the general election. That may have helped him as well on the trade message and the pro-worker message.”

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