Charges Dropped Against George Lopez For Bizarre Anti-Trump Hooters Brawl

David Livingston, Getty

Jena Greene Reporter

George Lopez is in the free and clear.

The comedian and actor, 57, was charged with battery last month after he got into a little dust-up with a pro-Trump fan at a New Mexico Hooters restaurant. The fan asked him to take a photo, and when he jeered, “Make America Great Again,” Lopez went off. (RELATED: George Lopez Charged With Crime Following Fight With Trump Fan) 

In case you haven’t seen the video, you can watch it here:

It’s hard to make out exactly what Lopez did, but allegations that he grabbed the fan’s neck were enough for the cops to get involved.

And while Lopez was given a court summons after the incident all the way back in October, the fan was a no-show and Lopez was allowed to walk free after a notice of dismissal, TMZ reports.

Looks like Lopez is a free man once again. Hide your water bottles.

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