VOTE: Which Classic Disney Film Is Most Offensive?

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Jon Brown Associate Editor
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Walt Disney had his 117th birthday this week, which makes it the perfect time to reflect on the shifting cultural mores that have changed in the 52 years since he died in 1966.

The creator of iconic characters and films, Walt Disney often borrowed from classic fables and stories, and with his genius turned them into something memorable for a new generation. (RELATED: Disney Corrects Press Release To Properly Credit Trump’s Tax Reform)

Some might argue, however, that his genius was not without its flaws. Academics especially seem to enjoy devoting reams to analyzing Disney’s cultural impact and “the ways in which [he] constructs diversity.

His early films are arguably replete with triggering content that would likely spark protests if a movie studio released them today. Undoubtedly, none of them would ever see the light of day on a college campus. (RELATED: Disney Channel To Introduce Gay Storyline On Children’s Sitcom)

Vote below for what you think is the most offensive of Disney’s classic work.