Seth Meyers Says The President Would Rat On His Own Family To Escape Jail Time

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Comedian Seth Meyers said President Donald Trump would flip on his own family members if it meant he could avoid jail time on NBC”s “Late Night” Thursday.

Meyers played a clip of Trump on “Fox & Friends” discussing the idea of witnesses”flipping” against him and said Trump would immediately flip if it meant saving his own skin.

“You know, Trump may say he’s against flipping, but if he was ever arrested, he would flip more than a dad working the grill at a cookout,” Meyers said. (RELATED: NBC’s Seth Meyers Calls Trump A ‘Sexist Dick’ For Fighting Reporters At Press Conference)


Meyers then played an animation of the president doing back-flips, as he narrated the cartoon with a Trump impersonation.

“Here is our scientific computer simulation of how Donald Trump would react if he was indicted,” he continued. ‘It was Don Jr. It was Eric. It was Ivanka. It was Melania. It was Tiffany. Take Tiffany. You don’t want me. You want Tiffany. You want Tiffany!'”

Meyers also said Trump would be happier being mayor of New York City because he would only have to deal with The New York Post and could have deli sandwiches named after him.

“Trump so desperately wishes he was the mayor of New York and not the president. Then all he’d have to do is talk to the ‘Post,’ show up to ribbon cuttings and have sandwiches named after him at delis,” he said. “‘Make sure you order the Donald Trump. It’s a Turkey sandwich. But the Turkey is ham. Because I’m a liar.'”

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