Trump Cheered By Crowd At Army-Navy Game

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The crowd erupted when President Trump took the field to conduct the coin toss for the 119th Army-Navy college football game on Saturday.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please turn your attention to midfield for today’s coin toss and welcome President Donald J. Trump,” the announcer said as he introduced Trump, as well as the secretaries of the Army and Navy.

President Trump is the 10th sitting president to attend Army-Navy game since Theodore Roosevelt first witnessed the event in 1901. Trump also attended the event two years ago, becoming the first president-elect to do so.

The crowd cheered again when the referee introduced Trump before the toss. (RELATED: Here Are The Best Signs From The Army Navy Game)

“It is our honor to have a very special guest for the coin toss with us today,” said the referee. “Your commander in chief and the president of these great United States of America, Donald Trump.”

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs tweeted that the audience “showered” Trump with “cheers and applause.”

Watch at 3:08 mark:

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