Heisman Trophy Winner Apologizes For Tweets He Sent As A Child

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Kyler Murray apologized early Sunday morning for tweets he sent as a child that surfaced after winning the Heisman trophy.

The Oklahoma Sooners quarterback sent a tweet more than six years ago when he was 15 years old referring to somebody as a “queer.” For a reason that I don’t understand, Murray felt compelled to apologize on what should have been the biggest night of his life and a celebration of his athletic accomplishments. (RELATED: Kyler Murray Wins The Heisman Trophy)

As I’ve noted before, I will never understand why people dig up old tweets, especially when they’re sent by children. It’s embarrassing on all fronts to drag up old tweets in an attempt to knock people down.

Murray just won the Heisman and is going to the college football playoff. He should only be focused on the positive. He damn sure shouldn’t have to apologize for a tweet he sent before he was old enough to drive.


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When will people learn that apologizing for old tweets gets us nowhere? Murray should have grabbed a beer, grabbed his trophy and told everybody who wanted to rag on him for something that happened over half a decade ago to just go away.


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Anybody attacking Murray or other athletes for things they did before they were public figures should be embarrassed by the sad lives they live.

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