Here’s How Many NFL Teams Have Reached Out To Colin Kaepernick This Season

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Not a single NFL team has picked up the phone and contacted Colin Kaepernick at any point this season.

ESPN reported the following Sunday:

Head coach Jay Gruden said the injury-ravaged Washington Redskins “talked about and discussed” signing Colin Kaepernick this past week, but no one from the team reached out to the free-agent quarterback, a source told ESPN.

In fact, despite multiple teams’ need for quarterbacks throughout the season, not one team has reached out to Kaepernick to gauge his interest or arrange a workout, according to a league source.

Here’s a live look at my reaction to his exciting news.

I guess teams just aren’t rushing out to get a guy who flamed out of the league after poor play and refusing to stand for the anthem. Who ever could have guessed a guy like that wouldn’t have his phone ringing off the hook? The Redskins are close to putting a team trainer on the depth chart, and they’re clearly not bringing in Kaepernick.

Of course teams don’t want Kaepernick. The positives don’t even come close to outweighing the negatives. Besides, isn’t he a bit busy filming Nike commercials these days instead of throwing footballs?


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I hope this report from ESPN is one of the final bullets we have to put into this issue before it’s eventually dead. The NFL season is almost over, and not a single team is interested in Kaepernick.

Does he need to sit out a third season before we can stop pretending like he has a legit chance at playing football in the NFL again? If he wants to prove that he can still be a winning quarterback, then go to Canada like Manziel to prove what’s left in the tank. (RELATED: The Washington Redskins Have A New Starting Quarterback, And Colin Kaepernick Fans Won’t Be Happy)

Instead of doing whatever it takes to get back on the field, he’s busy trying to be a martyr.


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The sad part of this situation is that some people will refuse to accept that Kaepernick’s days as NFL player are over, and we’ll probably still have to hear about this in like 10 years. At least it’s funny.

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