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Easily Clean Windows Inside & Out With The Glider

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Cleaning the outside portion of your windows can be tricky using traditional methods. Many think their only option is to either hire a professional, or brave climbing along the exterior of their homes. This Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner provides a more convenient option, allowing you to clean both sides without going outside at all. Usually $48, the Daily Caller shop gives readers a 16% discount. Plus, for Green Monday you can use the code GREENMONDAY20 for an extra 20% off, bringing to total to just $32.

Normally $48, this glider is over 30 percent off with the code

The Glider Magnetic Window Cleaner on sale for $40

Simply open your window, place one half of the cleaner on the outside, and the other half on the inside. The magnetic pull will keep them both hooked together, and the device also comes with a safety string to make sure you don’t lose the outside portion. Drag the Glider in an S-shaped to clean after applying your favorite solution to both sides of the window, and you’ll be left with a result that rivals any professional alternative.

$32 isn’t all that much to solve your window cleaning woes. Check out the Glider today at the shop while you can still use that GREENMONDAY20 code for the extra 20% off.

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