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Not only are sharp knives more convenient to use, sparing you countless false starts and partial cuts—they’re safer, too. This 3-Piece Kitchen Knife Set is made from zirconium ceramic, the sharpest material outside of diamond. The result is a streamlined experience that will leave you wondering how you ever got along with your current gear. Plus, right now you get an extra 20% off the already-steep 78% Daily Caller discount when you use the code GREENMONDAY20. That’s $46 out the door compared with an MSRP of $276.

Normally $276, this 3-piece knife set is over 80 percent off after the code

World’s Sharpest Kitchen Knives: 3-Piece Set on sale for $46 after the code GREENMONDAY20

Sounds counter-intuitive, but a dull knife is more likely to leave you in an awkward, dangerous position, increasing the chance of hurting yourself. This set—including 3, 6, and 8 inch blades—is made from zirconium ceramic: the highest quality, sharpest material out there besides diamond. You’ll be chopping, slicing, paring, carving, and all the rest like you never have before. Plus, for every purchase, 10 hungry Americans get a meal through Feeding America.

Need a replacement knife set? Snag this deal while it lasts. You’re not likely to find knives made of this material at this price anywhere else this holiday season—a great gift idea, no doubt. Check them out now at only $46 after you use the Green Monday code GREENMONDAY20 at the Daily Caller shop.

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