LeBron James Pulls Off Awesome Move For Opponent’s Equipment Manager

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James gifted an equipment manager of the Memphis Grizzlies a pair of shoes Saturday night.

The three-time NBA champion told the media following the game that he always noticed the manager weraring a special pair of his signature shoes. Lebron had never mentioned the shoes before that moment, but that changed when he decided to give her a brand new pair.

Check out his explanation for the special moment below.

Say whatever you want to about LeBron James or his politics, but there’s no doubt the guy is a genuinely good dude. (RELATED: LeBron James Signs With The Lakers)

How many people on this planet with his level of name recognition would go to such lengths as giving a special pair of shoes to a manager? I don’t think very many would. James is just in a league of his own. Plus, he’s a Denzel Washington fan, which means we’re obligated to like him here at this publication.


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Again, I’m not saying you have to love LeBron as a player or his views on politics. It’s more than understandable if you don’t. But you really can’t deny that he’s a legit dude who does a ton to help out the common man.

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