Eagles Player Has Hilarious Response To Atrocious Officiating In Game Against Cowboys

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

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Sunday’s NFC East showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys was one of the biggest NFL contests of the year, but many are claiming that the game was tarnished by poor officiating, and they almost certainly have a point.

The Cowboys defeated the Eagles 29-23 in overtime to take a two-game lead and a stranglehold in the NFC East. But the game’s poor officiating is leaving a sour taste in at least one Eagles player’s mouth. (RELATED: The Dallas Cowboys Are Trying To Lure An NFL Legend Out Of Retirement)

Eagles’ defensive back Malcolm Jenkins said that the NFL replay officials in New York “should stay off the bottle” after botching a call on the first play of the game. On the opening kickoff, Jenkins appeared to force a fumble, but the officials ruled Cowboys’ player Jourdan Lewis down by contact. When the replay showed that clearly wasn’t the case, the replay officials determined that no clear recovery was made.

See for yourself:

Jenkins clearly has a point. That was just one of many atrocious officiating errors on Sunday.

Certainly the officials aren’t the only ones to blame for Philadelphia’s loss, but it’s always a shame when the stripes tarnish such an important game.