Save Hundreds In Baggage Fees With This Simple Vacuum Travel Kit

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Stop paying exorbitant fees to airline companies for checked luggage. Save your money for more important purchases by using the Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit. This simple device can shrink your clothing by up to 70%, which means that it’ll easily be able to fit in your carry-on pack.

Normally $70, this vacuum travel kit is 44 percent off

Normally $70, this vacuum travel kit is 44 percent off

Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit on sale for $39

With a very simple and elegant design, the Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit aims to fix the space issue that most travelers come across while packing. This kit provides reusable bags for you to place your clothing and belongings. Once you’re all packed, the Dr. Save Vacuum Pump will remove all air and compress the bag to a fraction of its original size. This makes a very big difference for items like outerwear that takes up a ridiculous amount of space when expanded.

The Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit is a perfect gift for any friends and family that will be doing lots of traveling this holiday season. You’ll surely see them smile when they realize how much money you just saved them in extra travel fees!

Originally, the Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit was $39, which is already 44% off the original price. For a limited time, you can get an additional 15% off by using the coupon code, MERRY15, at checkout.

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