Charles Barkley Issues A Very Ominous Warning To People Who Threaten Athletes

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images for PGD Global)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Charles Barkley has a strong warning to fans who threaten professional athletes.

The former basketball pro and funny guy took on a serious tone when discussing fans who have gotten into hot water for heckling pro athletes — like the man who recently called Leonard Fournette a racial slur during Sunday’s Rams game and the fan who taunted Kevin Durant badly enough to elicit a candid court-side reaction from him. (RELATED: Kevin Durant Pokes Fun At His Epic Court Side Meltdown In Hilarious Fashion)

But Barkley is advising pro athletes to keep their cool since they’re such highly trained beasts that they could accidentally do some serious harm to people who rub them the wrong way.

“If you hit a fan and hurt them, you might KILL them,” Barkley told TMZ, adding,” But the main thing — you just gotta walk away or they’re just gonna sue you.”

Barkley’s solution? Just walk away.

“You gotta let it go,” he said. “You got nothing to gain. Suck it up, brother.”


He’s not wrong. Hecklers, albeit annoying, are just a part of pro sports. Besides, Kevin Durant and Leonard Fournette are the millionaires. Not these know-nothing fans.

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