A Lot Of Mexican Cartel Members Look Like They’ll Die In The Latest ‘SEAL Team’ Episode

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

The newest episode of ‘SEAL Team,’ airing Wednesday night on CBS, looks like it’ll include plenty of dead cartel members.

The hit military show has been south of the border for several episodes now as they’ve been chasing a dangerous cartel leader. The storyline has been awesome, and featured a shootout in a church last week.

In the tenth episode of the second season, “Prisoner’s Dilemma,” it looks like Bravo Team, Jason and the rest of the unit are holed up after making the snatch at the cartel leader’s mansion. (RELATED: Watch The Explosive Preview For The Next Episode Of ‘SEAL Team.’ It Looks Outstanding)

With a substantial enemy force at the gates, I think we all know it’s time for them to start slinging some lead.

The only reason not to be watching this show is if you hate America. Do you hate America? Didn’t think so. That means you need to be tuning in.

As I’ve said many times before, one of the best things about “SEAL Team” is that it doesn’t just focus on blowing stuff up. It spends a lot of time focusing on the strain that war has on the team in their home lives.

Yes, there are some great action scenes, but they’re not the sole focus of the show.


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Tune in Wednesday night to find out how all the action goes down.

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