Al Jazeera Reportedly Aired Palestinian Girl Reading A Poem Calling Jews ‘Pigs’ And ‘Apes’

(Memri YouTube screenshot)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Al Jazeera reportedly aired a Palestinian girl reciting a poem that called Jewish people “apes” and “pigs” on Nov. 29, which has been declared by the U.N. General Assembly as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

During a conference held that day, a girl recited a poem titled “The Rifle” that was broadcasted on Al-Jazeera, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) told The Daily Caller.

They also subtitled and translated the poem.

At one point, the little girl read, “Oh son of Zion, the most evil of creatures, oh you wild apes, you miserable pigs — Jerusalem is not your lair.”

She continued, “Jerusalem spits out your filth. For Jerusalem, you filthy people, is a pure virgin. Jerusalem, you dirty people, is pure and clean. I do not fear the rifle. As long as I have my heart, my Quran, and my city, as long as I have my arm and my stones, and as long as I am free, I will not sell out the Palestinian cause.”

David Weinberg, Washington director for international affairs at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), tweeted out screen grabs from MEMRI’s video of the speech on Monday.

He told The Daily Caller, “MEMRI identified yet another important example in this case of blatant anti-Semitic indoctrination on Qatar’s Al Jazeera network, which the U.S. State Department continues to describe as state-owned.” (RELATED: US-Sponsored United Nations Resolution To Condemn Gaza Terror Group Hamas Fails)

Weinberg continued:

We at ADL have identified numerous other examples of anti-Semitic content broadcast by Al Jazeera over the years, too, including when the network broadcasts hate speech against Jews, publishes articles that cast doubt upon the occurrence of the Holocaust, asserts that Jews are involved in malicious conspiracies of global power, and regularly continues to glorify terrorists as “martyrs” if they’re killed in the act of attacking Israeli civilians. In the last twelve months ADL has also documented anti-Semitic hate preachers at Qatar’s state-controlled Grand Mosque and anti-Semitic books promoted by Qatar’s state book fair last week, as well as frequent anti-Semitic cartoons in the private Qatari press.

Also on Monday, President Donald Trump’s advisor, Jared Kushner, called the living conditions in the West Bank and Gaza “not acceptable,” during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity and said that they are trying to figure out a deal that would make both Israelis and Palestinians content.

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