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These days Bluetooth is the name of the game, but unfortunately, a lot of great wired gear is left out in the cold unless you have the right converter. This Bluetooth 4.2 Receiver allows you to connect up to 2 iPhones or other non-aux devices to your favorite wired speakers, headphones and stereos. Plus, right now it’s only $12 for Daily Caller readers when they use the seasonal MERRY15 code against a base 29% discount—$8 off the $19.99 MSRP. 

Normally $20, this bluetooth receiver is 29 percent before the code

Bluetooth Receiver on sale for $14

The history of electronics was wired until relatively recently, so there’s no reason you should have to give up that killer set of speakers or headphones just because Apple decided to do away with aux functionality. Listen for 4 hours per charge, and bring the receiver wherever you go thanks to its small, lightweight construction.

If you’d like more versatility in how you pair Bluetooth and wired devices together for the optimum audio experience, check out this Receiver—only $12 at the shop when you use the seasonal MERRY15 code on purchase. 

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