MACKINNON: Kevin Hart, New White House Chief Of Staff?

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The Oscars ceremony is without a host and the White House is without a chief of staff to replace John Kelly.

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart understandably told the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences to take the hosting gig and shove it when they tried to hang him out to dry for “Anti-Gay” tweets he had apologized for and explained away – or so he thought – years ago.

Nick Ayers, the young but incredibly competent and highly-accomplished chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, decided after long consideration that he would pass on becoming chief of staff to President Trump.

The reason: Instead of working twenty hours per day, seven days a week for the next two years, he wanted to go home to Georgia and help his wife raise their young children.

It was quite possibly the most sane and practical decision made in Washington in years.

That said, the Oscars ceremony is still in a very bad place, and so is the president.

One solution? Make Kevin Hart the chief of staff and Nick Ayers the host of the Oscars.

Kevin Hart is a seriously good guy. He and his older brother were raised by a heroic single mom in one of the tougher neighborhoods of Philadelphia. His father was dysfunctional to say the least, and the family was always without money.

At a young age, and truly only through sheer determination, Hart decided he was going to escape the poverty and dysfunction and make something of himself.

Not only did he succeed beyond his wildest dreams, but he grew as a human being along the way. More than enough to not only forgive his sometimes incarcerated and sometimes drug-addicted father, but to make sure his father knew his grandchildren in a real and loving way.

Said Kevin Hart: “It takes too much time and energy to keep hate alive.”

Hart is also disciplined beyond belief. His daily workout routine would challenge most professional athletes and his work ethic is second to none.

That, and we know he does not like to take nonsense and is more than happy to share his opinion — wanted or not.

Donald Trump does respect strength, and the two of them would get along.

Not only would Hart open a number of closed eyes in Washington, but he would bring an edge which would electrify the cobweb covered and calcified political class.

Oh, and he’d also bring his 33 million twitter followers and 51 million Instagram fans.

Who wouldn’t want to be at that first staff meeting in the White House when President Trump walks in and interrupts Hart?

As for Nick Ayers, why not take the Oscar gig?

It’s only for one night which leaves him 364 nights to be with his young family.

As for the haters and hypocrites in Hollywood, it would do them good to see and hear the personification of what they have been trying to vilify, smear, and blacklist for the last few decades.

Only because of blatant and illegal discrimination, most in Hollywood have never really seen or spoken with a young, highly educated, and decent conservative.


They’ve heard rumors of its existence, but much like the Pegasus, Dragon, or the studio head who swears he’ll green-light your movie next week, they’ve decided that such a creature could not possibly be real.

For survival sake, the Academy should take a chance on Ayers.

With their ratings and reputation sinking like a stone anyway, what do they have to lose?

And imagine all the outraged tweeters tuning in to gape, gasp, and virtually scream that a “Deplorable” is hosting the Oscars.

Why, it might even break the ratings record for the last episode of M*A*S*H.

Douglas MacKinnon served in the White House as a writer for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and afterwards in a joint command at the Pentagon. He is author of the novel The North Pole Project: In Search of the True Meaning of Christmas (Simon & Schuster)

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